ChatTab Pay As You Go

💡 Pay As You Go

You can get tokens (GPT3.5) for access to all built-in models

  • GPT3.5

  • GPT3.5-16k

  • GPT4

  • GPT4-32k

  • Claude2

  • Use build-in API key

The consumption of the token will be calculated according to the uniform conversion of the price to the GPT3.5 version.

66,000 GPT4 tokens ≈ 1,320,000 GPT3.5 tokens
133,000 GPT4 tokens ≈ 2,660,000 GPT3.5 tokens
200,000 GPT4 tokens ≈ 4,000,000 GPT3.5 tokens

Payments are secure and encrypted